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How to Set Up Macintosh
for Azteca Net Dialup Account


  1. Using Installer, Install Open Transport 1.1 *
  2. Using Installer, Install OT/PPP 1.0 *
  3. Open the Control Panel in the Apple Menu Items (Keep open for Steps 4 - 6)
  4. Open Control Panel "Modem"
  5. Identify the modem & port
  6. Close
  7. Open Control Panel "PPP"
  8. Add user name, password and access number 484-0007 (If you're located outside the 310 area, click here to see the phone numbers. Or call us at (310) 677-8301 and ask for your local phone number.) MAKE SURE TO ASK THE OPERATOR IF A NUMBER IS LOCAL SO YOU INCUR NO EXTRA CHARGES !
  9. Close
  10. Open Control Panel "TCP/IP"
  11. Describe protocol
  12. In "Connect" pop up menu select "PPP"
  13. In "Config" pop up menu select "Using PPP Server"
  14. In Name Server Address:
    Enter above, and below
  15. Search Domain:
  16. Close the Control Panel in the Apple Menu Items
  17. Open/Launch "PPP" Click on Connect. Your modem will dial out and make the connection
  18. Open/Launch your browser (Netscape, MS Explorer or Mosaic)

*Internet Dial Up Utilities are available on the Macintosh CD and/or Internet Connection Kit that came with your computer.

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