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Protect your company's information by locating your server in our environmentally controlled, secure data center. Our co-location service guarantees "always-up" service with full-time battery backup. And we're fast. Our Tier-1 network connections provide optimal transmission speeds.

SuccessNet offers three plans to meet your CO-location needs.

Price per Server
Price per Month Price per Year Setup
Month to Month*
Six-month prepaid subscription
One-year prepaid subscription

Prices include two IP addresses and DNS setup. Additional IP addresses are available at a setup fee of $25.00 per address (to cover DNS services). There is an additional charge for more than 20 IP addresses. Bandwidth is limited to 40GB per month. Additional bandwidth can be purchased in increments of 5GB for $25 per month.

To learn more about our CO-location services, send an email to
or call (310) 665-0714

*American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted for
month-to-month accounts only.

Spammers not welcome.

or call us at (310) 665-0714
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