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Digital's Alta Vista is a favorite of many. It's extremely powerful, fast, and detailed. One of its best features is the fact that it searches an entire Web site (and Usenet newsgroups) looking for what you want to find; many other search engines cannot do that, concentrating only on Web site titles. It offers simple and advanced searches, and allows the use of wildcards and Boolean searches. Simply put, Alta Vista is robust!

Infoseek is a search engine with a lot to offer. Unlike many competing engines, you can do more than search the Web with Infoseek; you can search Usenet newsgroups, look up email addresses, browse through a company directory, search Web FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and more. Infoseek is also a major player, boasting over 25 million hits per day.

HotBot is the Web's ultimate search engine. It is the biggest -- indexing more than 54 million documents. It is the smartest -- offering a range of easy-to-use filter tools that enable you to get the most relevant search results. And it is the freshest -- crawling 10 million Web pages each day.

Netscape Search
Netscape creators of the excellent browser and email program How now created a powerful, fast, and detailed search engine. This search engine is destined to be a one of the best search engines on the internet. It is quick and easy to use.

Yahoo is a topical directory, technically not a search engine. This means that, rather than arbitrarily searching the Web for sites, they list sites which have been submitted to them for approval from netizens. Thus, you'll typically find the referencing system reliable for finding high quality sites. As Yahoo takes the form of a hierarchical index, you'll find it fun and easy to "surf" the Net with Yahoo!

Lycos is probably the oldest major search engine and has long been viewed as fast and reliable. It offers keyword and subject searching, is customizable in its searching options, and actually offers a rating system (called "Point") for Web sites.

AOL Find
America On-line Find powered by Excite
Google Web Directory

Web Crawler
Web Crawler

Portal Uno - Bilingual Web Search Engine
GOTO Search Engine


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