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  • C programming on the UNIX, Windows, and AS/400 platforms

  • We can satisfy all your programming needs on any of these platforms,
    including network programming, GUI applications, etc. We are specialist
    in Porting Windows and Unix applications to the AS/400. Also, experienced in
    porting with PASE.
  • PHP, PHP2, PHP3 programming, ASP pages, MySQL, SQL and Sybase SQL Server
  • Java Script and Java Applet programming
    Including request forms, calculate forms, animations, etc.
  • CGI programming in C or Perl
    To process any request from Web Pages on Internet
    To give your clients the ability to buy through Internet with a credit
  • Web Page Design and Graphics Design
    We design Web pages to be attractive to your clients with professional
    design graphics by talented computer artists
  • Web Site Hosting and Internet Access
    We can set your business on Internet so that you can reach more
    attendance to your company. Besides we can provide you with the
    access to Internet.
  • Computer consulting for small businesses
  • PC Repair
  • PC Sales Build to Order
    We build PC's to your specifications
  • Network Consulting/Installations
  • Electronic Commerce Solutions
  • Internet Database Solutions
  • Online Credit Card Authorization Solutions

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