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  • C programming on the UNIX, Windows, and AS/400 platforms

  • We can satisfy all your programming needs on any of these platforms,
    including network programming, GUI applications, etc. We are specialist
    in Porting Windows and Unix applications to the AS/400. Also, experienced in
    porting with UNIX to AS/400 porting utilizing PASE.
  • Java Script and Java Applet programming
    Including request forms, calculate forms, animations, etc.
  • CGI programming in C or Perl
    To process any request from Web Pages on Internet
    To give your clients the ability to buy through Internet with a credit
  • Computer Software consulting for small businesses
    We build PC's to your specifications
  • Network Consulting/Installations
  • Electronic Commerce Solutions
  • Unix Internet Database Solutions using PHP, PHP3, PHP4 with sybase, mysql, postgres, oracle, and msql.
  • NT Internet Database Solutions using ASP, MS Access, MS SQL 7.0 MS SQL 2000.
  • Online Credit Card Authorization Solutions for Verisign, Card Services International, Authorize.Net and others.


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