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Welcome to SuccessNet's Technical support page. This page is to help users in obtaining on-line Technical support on various features of the Internet. We are also availible via Email at

Download Netscape
_   _

Mac Access
FreePPP FreePPP Download.

Mac Access
FreePPP FreePPP Download.
NCSA Telnet NCSA Telnet Download.
Better Telnet Better Telnet Download.
Fetch Fetch Download.

56K Modem Drivers
Puretek Rockwell 56K Software Modem PT-3515

FTP Instructions
You will need an FTP program like ws_ftp. You can download it here if you like. download

Host Name:   < - host name may vary depending on the type of account you have.
Host Type: Unix
User ID: johnd
password: ******

Home Pages must be in a subdirectory called html

If you are not using the SuccessNet dialup access service, your provider must be authorized to access the SuccessNet server. To get your provider authorized, send me an email stating your provider's domain name.

Surfwatch Software
MicroSystems Software
Net Nanny
Solid Oak
SurfWatch from Spy Glass

FrontPage Support
SuccessNet Supports Frontpage98 Extensions. If you would like to use Frontpage let us know and we will enable it for you account.

Read your Azteca Net email from a browser
Web Mail Reader

  Changing your Access Number

Dial in Access Instructions
  • Mail Server Incoming:

  • Mail Server Outgoing:
  • Added Sound when you receive your email

  • Download this file: You've got mail sound and store in your c:\windows directory or where ever your windows directory is located.

Email Forms

HTML Resources

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